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There are 2 main formats that we offer:

  • Traditional live on-site auctions.
  • New online auctions.


Entire Business Liquidations; Bankruptcies; Asset Recovery; Excess Inventory; Equipment Of All Kinds; Vehicle Fleets; Trucks/Trailers/Buses; Material Handling; Warehouse Liquidations; Warehouse Clean-outs; Institutions; Municipals; Construction; Contracting; Landscaping; Manufacturing; Fabrication; Hotel Surplus; Restaurant/Bakery/Food Service Equipment; Retail/Store Fixtures; Office Furnishings; Machinery; Tool & Die Shops; Overstock/Surplus/Closeout Merchandise; Store Returns & Salvage; Groceries;

& Much, Much More!

Why Sell At Auction?

  • You'll get rid of everything all at once.
  • Quick, immediate sale of your items.
  • It attracts attention.
  • It freezes the market.
  • It creates an urgency to buy - NOW!
  • Everything sells for true market value.

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The short answer is that we will sell anything of value, as long as it is legal.  There are 2 main categories:

  • Residential Services.
  • Commercial/Industrial Services.

what do we sell?

Why Choose G.S.G.

Auction Service?

  • We are a certified professional, full service auction company.
  • We have the experience needed to conduct a successful auction from start to finish.
  • We have the resources available to handle any type or size sale.
  • We utilize both live & online auction formats, & will help determine the proper fit for you.
  • We have a true understanding for the auction industry.
  • Our rates are on a percentage basis, making it advantageous for both you & us to get top dollar for your merchandise (the more we make for you, the more we make for ourselves).
  • Our staff is friendly, competent, & trustworthy.
  • We've been conducting successful auctions & liquidations since 1998!

what services do we offer?

G.S.G. Auction Service

Professional Auctioneers/Liquidators


live on-site auctions

The traditional live on-site auction format has withstood the test of time.  This type of sale can be traced back to our early ancestors & is still a proven method today.

new online auctions

The online auction format is a much newer option which has quickly blossomed over the past several years.  It has proven to be a better choice in certain situations.

residential services

Complete Estates; Antiques; Collectibles; Art & Artwork; Coins; Tools; Furniture; Taxidermy; Sporting Goods; Vehicles; Farm Machinery & Equipment; Unpaid Storage;  Recreational Vehicles & Equipment; Personal Collections; General Household Glassware/Pottery; Jewelry; Toys/Games; Lumber/Building Materials; Lawn & Garden;  & Much, Much More!

We do Charity Auctions too!